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This morning, my mistress asked me to begin writing a diary about our time together. So here it is.

I suppose I should begin at the very beginning on the 18th January, 2019, when I answered an advert on a well known ‘alternative’ social network.

“I want someone who can do it all,” the post read simply. “And take a heel or spanks as payment.” It was connected to the profile of a local domme, which gave little away, save for a few tantalising photos.

Within a short time of answering we spoke on the phone, seemed to get on well, and arranged a dinner date for the following week.

Things have moved quickly. We spent yesterday finalising a contract of ownership. I expressed my desire to wear her collar formally, and have been made to beg for that privilege.

We’ve also begun to explore reversing gender roles in a seriously hot way. I’ve mainly been in chastity since we met, which has a tendency to bring out my sissy side. That’s something I’ve always been keen to explore, but little did I know how far down the rabbit hole I’d want to go with just the mildest of encouragement.

It’s perhaps too much to attempt a full recap of my girly nine and a half weeks so far. However, as mistress asked me this morning to begin keeping an online journal of our journey together, I thought it appropriate to set up this little blog.

I do hope you enjoy reading.