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I’ve been asked to update my blog. I don’t have a great deal on my mind this week, so I thought I’d set down some fairly random meditations and thoughts.

On Being Drugged

Being stoned gives me a shy sense of introversion and it makes me SUPER horny. So it’s great for sissy play. Just a few tokes makes me feel something akin to a coquettish sex doll and hungry to be filled. It’s no wonder my Miss loves to get me high and see me transformed into her own drugged, discombobulated and very ditzy play thing.

In the past, I’ve used weed to get into some very psychedelic headspaces, as well as experimenting with (usually kinky) self-hypnosis. We’ve talked about perhaps playing with this. I’d love to see where a long session of sensory deprivation might lead when coupled with this wonder aphrodisiac.

On Being Femme

A few weeks ago my Miss waxed my chest. The ordeal was almost unbearable (I’m a hirsute guy) but the result were gratifying indeed – a lovely smooth chest that makes me feel ever-so vulnerable and girly.

Unfortunately, the hairs are beginning to come back through now. Waxing appears to make me prone to ingrown hairs, infected follicles and other assorted nastiness. I really wanted to be hairless from head to toe – as every good sissy should be – but my present state of itchiness makes me wonder whether regular full body waxing could work for me in the long-term.

I’ve also been given a set of daily exercises to complete in pursuit of a more feminine body. Or perhaps simply because it amuses my Miss. In any case, it’s a curious thing how the desire to become more feminine takes hold. to the point where I’m almost desperate to have a sexy, feminine body and wondering what type of clothes might suit me best.

On Being Chaste

A new device arrived last week, after I’d been locked for some time in one that was so poorly fitting as to be a purely psychological deterrent from self-pollution.

In spite of my low hopes for the new device (a Chinese copy of the Rigid Chastity) it appears to be extremely effective. While there’s just enough room to poke one’s finger between the bars, there’s certainly no removing it without the key and the fit is great for an off-the-shelf device. The device’s single disadvantage is poor drainage. My plan is to see how I get on with this and potentially replace it with a Model 5 from Rigid Chastity in exactly the same size.

My life in chastity has been exciting. My Miss teases me often and almost to tears, often taking me just beyond the point of return to a frustrating ruined orgasm. I never know whether this is intentional or not, though I do my best to warn her when this is going to happen.

My last earned me 50 spanks over the knee and lightened the sexual tension just enough to take the edge off my submissiveness for a day or so. My Miss said that ‘sissy wee’ – as she calls them – would earn a lengthy lockup with releases only for cleaning. I don’t think she noticed how hard I got when she said that.