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It began with a slap up meal, and a girly trip around Primark, where we picked up a nude waist slimmer, training bra, negligee, shorts, crop top, stockings and other assorted goodies, since every good sissy ought to have a wardrobe.

At home, I did a quick fashion show. Then it was time for bed; for I’d bought some ‘mood enhancing’ chemicals. It stands to reason that my memory is fairly hazy, but I do remember licking my Miss to orgasm over and over; the flood of her juices into my mouth, which I love so much.

Afterwards, wrists secured tightly to the bed, Miss positioned herself between my parted thighs, inserting a gloved finger into my ass for milking, followed by the Aneros. I don’t think I’ve ever been truly milked until now. I have fuzzy memories of watching cum pool at the tip of my cock, followed by an infuriating limpness made all the worse by the feeling of being just on the edge of orgasm – a maddening sensation that stayed with me until sleep in the early hours.

In the morning, another surprise: On stating that I needed to pee, my Miss put me straight into diapers, locking my wrists once again to the bed, and falling soundly asleep. The way she talked and cooed while putting on the diaper with deft skill was a huge turn quickly put an end to my limp suffering.

The urge to pee grew steadily to desperation but my mind wouldn’t allow me to go while lay in bed next to my beautiful Miss. Finally, I wriggled free of the cuffs and finally found myself able to relieve myself while standing up.

Diaper full and sodden, I now found myself in another predicament of being unable to sit without leaking on the furniture, and the embarrassing situation of having to report my accident to Miss.

Thankfully, I wasn’t punished for this, nor for escaping my bonds. Instead, we fucked and I was allowed to cum inside my Miss – my first full orgasm in some time.

Then to a Chinese restaurant for lovely food. I truly can’t think of any better way to spend a weekend.