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I’m very excited about our new toy: A home security camera that can be controlled remotely. I’ve installed it on the desk, where my Miss can see my full room and see what I’m up to whenever she likes.

And it gets even better: The camera lets her say hello or issue commands, Big Brother-style, through a two-way speaker.

Occasionally, I’ll hear its little motor whirring as she pans to find me. It’s a huge thrill knowing I could be being watched at any point, and a great motivator to stay out of trouble!

Giving up aspects of my privacy in this way is a huge turn on for me. My kinky mind wonders how else I might open up my private moments to Miss, until there is no hidden part of me. I trust my Miss so implicitly, I think I’d give her access to my private thoughts if I could!

The purchase of this little toy got me thinking about openness, communication, and the times when I’ve revealed very personal kinks I’ve never told to anyone. I’ve always been heard with patience, without judgement, and have been indulged. That’s a very beautiful and precious feeling.