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I’m a lucky, lucky slave. Thursday evening was our three-month anniversary. I visited Miss and found she’d gone all-out to make sure it was a special occasion. Her hair was a new bombshell blonde set into pretty curls at the end, and she wore a snakeskin-pattern blouse. The overall effect was that I’d accidentally walked into the home of a beautiful film star who’d made a name playing femme fatale roles in film noir: A beauty that made me truly weak at the knees and truly lucky that this stunning goddess would choose me as servant.

But tonight the roles would be reversed, if only for a short time. There was a cold beer waiting in the fridge, good wine to be had, and a lovely meal of braised steak. Later on, in the bedroom, we fed each other chocolate covered strawberries made specially for the occasion.

Some may think it’s odd to be treated so kindly by one’s miss. To me, it was a lovely gesture showing just how much I’m loved and cherished. After our strawberry feast, I was back in my service role, kissing away in ecstasy and bringing my Miss to O with my tongue.

I’ve noticed something of a sea change, too. Until now, I could almost count on being released from chastity during a visit to my Miss. Over time, this has produced a textbook Pavlovian response whenever I visit – a rush of blood, the expectation of imminent release.

However, on my last two visits, I’ve remained locked and Miss has hinted that I shall remain so until I begin performing better with my daily chores. These are simple things like sending regular selfies and cage pictures, keeping my house tidy, and maintaining good wake/sleep times. I don’t yet know for how long I must demonstrate adherence to earn a release, but the threat is certainly an excellent motivator.

I wonder sometimes whether Miss might miss playing with my cock – whether she thinks it unduly cruel to keep her property locked, squished into a tiny cage. For my own part, some 11 days from last release, I’ve noticed several benefits and subtle shifts in mindset.

  1. Heightened submission
  2. Crazy levels of arousal
  3. Shift of focus to her pleasure
  4. Better motivation
  5. Deepened ownership bond

Last night, I was allowed a brief prostate milking. The effect is quite weird – a slight reduction of the physical tension, which melts into a watery, twitch need, without any of the psychological re-setting that comes from a full or partial release.

How I love being in thrall to my Miss in this way!